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Roof Painting Services

Our Roof Painting services not only change the entire appearance of the home but also has many additional benefits. The roof is a very integral part of the home and is often neglected. People generally neglect the roofs while getting the exterior of their homes painted. Though roof painting enhances the beauty of a place, it is not just done only for aesthetic purposes. There are several benefits to it.

Roof Painting Services

Let us have a look at the benefits of roof painting:

  1. Increases the life of the roof: Our Roof painting services are a way through which we can repair the broken parts of the roof and restore the old roofs. The professionals identify the parts on the roof that are leaking and then fix the affected areas through painting and coating. Subsequent painting and coating along with regular monitoring help in increasing the life of the roof. The advantage of reflective coating is that it reduces the effect of harmful UV radiation on the roof and increases its longevity.
  2. Less Energy consumption: The roof coatings have reflective as well as emissive properties. This property has numerous benefits. Not only do they increase the life of the roof, but they also reduce the energy consumption of the day by decreasing the load of the HVAC System. Energy conservation is necessary to reduce carbon footprints.
  3. Improves aesthetic appearance:  If you are really worried about the external look of your home and the roof of your space is not on your list, you are making a big mistake. Roofs help a lot in improving the aesthetic appearance of your home. If you have a moderately aged metal roof, they can be repaired by a wonderful roof coating. On the other hand, the traditional coating is not very effective. However, the latest Kyanar coatings help in the reconstruction of roofs to a pleasing condition.
  4. Microclimate Management: Water Logging is a very common problem in roofs that have low slopes. Due to waterlogging, the roofs start deteriorating. But once the roofs are coated properly, you can easily prevent deterioration, leaks, and untimely replacement.

Types of Roof painting

Now we know what roof painting is and what its importance is. Let us see the types of roof paint:

  1.   Color bond Roof Painting: Color bond Roofing is a very popular choice as it is durable, has strength, thermal efficiency and has a sleek appearance. These roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions and are corrosion resistant. It is one of the most trusted roofing materials in rural as well as urban areas.

If you are a property owner and your faded color bond roof does not suit your style, it is possible to restore your roofs and increase their lifespan by painting them. It is a great way to improve the aesthetic appearance of your house through our Roof Painting Services.

Many people have a misconception that the color bond roofs cannot be repainted and restored. This is a myth as we can restore the roofs with the help of a professional. Color bond roofs may require repainting and restoration due to following reasons

  • Stubborn Staining
  • Flaking
  • Chalky and Fading Appearance
  • Exposure to seawater

Color bond roof paints can be adjusted and tinted in any shade. The most common colors picked by all are the standard color bond colors.

  • Roof tile Painting: Roof tiles are made from clay or cement. The tiles made from cement undergo carbonation due to the presence of water and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The presence of water and carbon dioxide forms a very weak acid known as carbonic acid. This makes the surface of tile very weak and the process goes on as the roof ages. Clay tiles do not face such a problem but they are highly porous. The paint of tiles wears down eventually. It begins to chip and flake with time. Painting tiles is a quick and low-cost option to freshen up your roofs.

Therefore if you think that your roof has started looking dingy, roof painting is a great way for improvement. Roof painting is a less expensive option than roof replacement and can be done on terracotta tiles, concrete tiles, and color bond roofs. Prices of roof painting vary from roof to roof but it is a cheaper way to give new life to a room.

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