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Bring the world into your home. Yes, you can experience every beauty of the world. Our homes are the best place for expressing our creativity. Living spaces make us feel safe, secure, and joyful. But at times, we love to step out from the comfort of our homes to experience adventure, fun, connect, and bring back happy memories.

Bring the world into your home

But now, we are in a situation that requires us to stay home for our own safety and well-being. This period limits and restricts us from exploring the world, but don’t despair because this will soon pass like everything else in life.

But just because you cannot travel does not mean that you cannot bring your travel destination home. How do you ask? Well, luckily for you, with proper planning and with the help of house painters in Melbourne, you can create a destination or travel-themed interior house painting.

Interior or exterior house painters can help you create a fun vibe to beat the lock-down blues and to let you enjoy a new destination in your own home.

In this post, we have put together some great travel and destination-themed décor ideas to help you express your love for exploration and travel. Be a sport and make lemonade when life gives you juicy lemons!

We hope that these interior painting ideas will make you feel happy and restore your lust for life. And by the way, these ideas don’t need expensive investments; you can use the stuff you already have with you.

Origami your home and feel like you are in Japan

Bring the world into your home. We had loads of fun in classrooms making paper boats and flying paper planes around, didn’t we? No, don’t make paper planes; instead, check out the origami tutorials on YouTube and make beautiful Japanese-themed paper foldings to hang in your home. This is a great activity to decorate your home and to have fun with your family and friends. Make sure to get some colorful craft papers and scissors.

Create a Mediterranean look to unwind and relax

When we say Mediterranean, does it flash beautiful images of Santorini? You know you can easily create a little Santorini in the corner of your home. Color your wall with a striking contrasting color palette with bouts of blue and orange against a stark white background.

Travel accessories to inspire

Our living spaces are our 3D vision board. Use your living space to inspire you to dream big. Use your vintage suitcases, old boarding passes or tickets, or something similar and display them against a light white shade. You can use your old travel trunks as a display table for your souvenirs or as a coffee table.

Celebrate the Caribbeans

Bring the world into your home. Do you want to create a Caribbean-themed room to revive memories of a past Caribbean vacation or fuel the desire to go on one in the future? It’s effortless – paint a wall in a light shade of blue. Place a ladder against a blank wall. Next, place a Panama hat or hang some clothes on it. This will add life and character to your wall and, at the same time, invoke a relaxed Caribbean vibe.

You can never go wrong with the Goan decor

Goa is known for its calm and peaceful seaside vibe. You can bring these tranquil outdoors into your home with minimal effort. Add some shells, starfishes, or some other trinkets collected from your past beach vacations. You can even go a little boho by adding a hammock and a few chimes inside to create a laid-back environment that Goa is famous for.

Make a travel board and embark on a virtual vacation

Keep your creative juices flowing instead of staying in the rut. Create a colorful travel-themed mood board. Creating a vacation-themed living space is no less of an adventure. It will also give you a break from the everyday home and work-from-home routine. Everybody needs a little escape every now and then!

Recreate your favorite holiday memories indoors

Did you often go out for picnics with friends or family? Do you have thrilling camping stories? Just because the pandemic is making us stay indoors doesn’t mean we cannot create these experiences inside our home. Decorate your home to look like a favorite holiday destination from the past. Get you’re the people you had holidayed with in the past and ask them to come on a video call. And like the good old days, you can hang out with each other and recreate the holidays.

Turn your home into Bali

Everyone fantasizes about staying in a tropical Balinese guesthouse. But don’t get upset. Balinese decors draw inspiration from nature, and so it is easy to recreate the environment in your living space. Bring home some indoor plants and add some wicker and bamboo furniture. Keep the walls white, add some art pieces, photo frames, plant trellis, and wind chimes.

Turn your home into a Thai spa

Bring the world into your home. A massage in Thailand is present on almost every bucket list! But now that you cannot travel to Thailand, at least not this year, you can bring home a Thai spa and enjoy a mental holiday in Thailand. In these times of uncertainty and anxiety, this project will help you calm down and ground yourself.

Begin with the bathroom by arranging the décor and setting a spa-like atmosphere. Treat your senses to some soothing aromatic essential oils and dip into a warm bubble bath. Make your everyday showering into a tranquilizing experience. Playing some soft and relaxing instrumental music in the background also adds to the fun.

Relive your road trips with songs

Music may not be for everyone, but if you were a roadie and have gone on numerous road trips, you might want to strum your favorite travel tunes on your guitar. Anyone who has gone camping or on road trips with their guitar will understand what we are talking about here.

You can make upgrade your home with a travel theme without spending too much. However, if you want to go all in and give your home a complete makeover, we suggest hiring professionals. You can have fun developing and planning the theme, and the house painters Melbourne will turn your dream into reality.

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