How to Prioritize Your Room for Painting?

When you prioritize your room for painting and decide on investing in interior painting services, you’re making a huge decision. Such a decision brings a few challenging situations, say, for example, moving the heavy furniture or protecting your floors! Being strategic is always a brilliant idea when you plan for such a big decision! To help you make the task easier, here’s how you can prioritize your room firstly.

How to Prioritize Your Room for Painting?

But Why Are You Deciding on Painting?

There must be an end goal, is it not? It might be due to kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling. Or it might be because you want to sell your house. If you want to put your house in the market (for sale or rent), it’s imperative to initiate with rooms that create massive impacts. Here’s how to prioritize it:


Firstly, paint the master bedroom & bathroom. Starting with your bedroom is a great idea because you’d then be able to get an idea of what can be done next. Once the bedroom gets decorated, you will at least have your place for sleeping while other rooms get coloured accordingly.


In case you’re planning to paint your house all at once, your kitchen is a place that requires your attention. You would not be able to eat fresh meals and end up splurging on take-away foods. Let’s just be honest – it’s not only unhealthy but also economically hefty.

Living Room

Living room decoration probably takes a longer time. So, it’s better to keep it for the end. When you have other rooms well decorated, you won’t have massive challenges to work for your living room decoration. Thus, tackling it at the end of the house painting project is a wonderful idea.

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