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Exterior painting in Melbourne takes into account that as years pass by the exterior surfaces of our houses are exposed to sunlight, rainfall, moisture, etc. We often overlook the fact that sunlight and moisture damage the exterior paintings of our houses. The paint film that is being painted on the exterior surface absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, which results in the weakening of the paint coat. To avoid such situations choosing the right exterior painting company is of utmost importance.

AR professional Painting Services specializes in helping their clients to get the best painting services in homes, buildings, offices, and stores. Feel free to contact us, we always make sure to help our clients with the best exterior painting services in Sunshine.

Exterior Painting

Our team of professional exterior painters makes sure to provide top-class exterior painting services to their clients.  We carry an inspection, we calculate the estimated cost of the service before we start with the work. Starting from treating the deteriorating paint to the application of the new house paint and even clean-up our exterior painters take care of everything.

Each service that we provide is personalized with supports that covers everything related to paintwork. From designing the budget to deliver quality with maximum professionalism, responsibility, and effectiveness…we are always here to meet your level of expectation and delight you!

Services we offer

Here at AR professional Painting- Exterior Painting in Melbourne Services, we inspect and analyze every project carefully and then accordingly provide the solutions to the clients. Our vast range of exterior paintwork includes but not limited to:

  • Stucco Repair Services

Stucco walls are really common and look pleasing to the eyes as well. Whether you are going for touch-up work or a complete color change of color, our team of professional painters will make sure that we get the best results that the client desires.

  • Wood and Composite Siding

Our team of professional exterior painters will help you to update the color and the appearances of your sliding. The sliding protects the house against weather and it requires care too.

  •  Doors and windows

Doors and windows are constantly used hence they require painting too. Our professional team makes sure that each door and window is painted properly and the paint does not get into the glass and it looks good and fresh.

  • Fascia and Eaves Painting

Painting the Fascia and the Eaves of the house can be quite challenging. If the painters are not professional then this painting can be quite tedious and dangerous as well. Our team of skilled painters performs this job with utmost care.

  • Wood and Vinyl Shutter Painting

Painting the wood and the shutter helps to improve the exterior aesthetics of your home while preserving the life of the shutters. It also helps to add a completely new look to your house. Our professional team will make sure that everything is painted according to the requirements of the clients.

Why us?

Our professional painters work flexible hours according to the requirements of the clients. Our company believes in customer satisfaction above all along with providing high–quality services.

With an experience of more than a decade, we understand every need of our clients. Simply call us and get your house painted and make it look new.

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