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Brighton Painting Services

Finding a painting services provider committed to offering the best standards is not always easy. We are the best in Brighton, and we can handle all sorts of properties. We are the best choice for businesses, companies, property owners, landlords, and homeowners. We can handle painting jobs, including end-of-tenancy or re-decorating projects. 

We are experienced in the field and can handle commercial and residential settings. By working with the best, you are assured of great work at all times. We are fully insured, which means you can rest easy when you know we are handling your project for you. 

We are based in Brighton and can cover all the neighbouring areas. Our services are the best, and you can expect only the best results. 

If you want trustworthy services, this is the best place to look. We have experience in the field and offer the most favourable prices to our clients. 

Why you need professionals

When you have a painting job, always stick with the professionals who have experience in handling exterior and interior decorating needs. We are the best with decorations, painting, and plasters. We can handle projects of all sizes in commercial or residential properties. We can paint your floors, metal work, interior walls, radiators, covings, and ceilings. Your exteriors can also be entrusted to us as we handle windows, facia boards, fences, and masonry. The main thing is to handle everything professionally and ensure that you have the neatest look possible. 

The other thing is that we can help you strip the paintwork off, especially in the case of the older homes. Many houses have layers upon layers of paint. When you want to renovate and make some worthy changes, it is better to strip off all that paint and give your surfaces a fresh touch. We can handle the varnishing and painting as required. 


The main thing with decorating or painting is preparation. We can handle all the steps involved with great precision. The preparation phase in case of an older home or one that needs a makeover involves removing old wallpaper, striping surfaces off their paint, fixing any gaps or holes on the surface, and priming your surfaces just before we paint. To ensure that your home is protected, we ensure that all things are taped and covered. This includes furniture and any other surface you don’t intend to touch. 

You may have a very specific service that you are looking for. You can call us so that we can discuss the project at hand. We always take time to listen to what is needed, and we can also make some recommendations. At the end of the day, it is all about giving the client everything they want. Contacting us is the best way to get your questions answered and have a clear quote for the project. We can visit you on location to make a clear evaluation and better estimate. 

Why choose us

 Decorating your interiors or exteriors, regardless of how big or small the project is, takes much more than just painting. You need professionals who can guide you and listen to you each step. We are the best in Brighton and have the necessary tools and resources to see each project to completion. 

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